Monday, April 27, 2009

No Waste Lunches with Vivo and Togo wear

Hello! This is my first post to My Sparrow.

We love the no waste lunch idea. I have finally implemented this with my kids. It is amazing how many of those little plastic baggies you can use in just one lunch. A great way to make this change for yourself and your family is with a fun tiffin box. We love the Vivo tiffin box and the Togo wear tiffin box. They stack anywhere from 2 to 4 separate containers together and clamp it all closed with the convenient handle. They are great for picnics, beach days or everyday at work and school. You can find them on our site in the reusable items section. Please consider the environment every time you pack up a lunch for your self and your family- don't use those little plastic baggies!!! Reuse- Reuse- Reuse!! :)

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