Monday, August 31, 2009

Handmade Vintage Brass Jewelry Pieces

So I have been busy working on some new jewelry pieces this past week.  Here are a few of the pieces that I have designed.  I am thinking that they will be one of a kind pieces that I will put online and in SEED People's Market.  I would love to hear what you think...  This line is made from handmade brass detailed chains in various layers with natural stone, vintage pieces and glass bead detailing.

This piece has a vintage jewelry piece attached.

I am still creating and will be adding to the collection.  I would love to know what you think... please feel free to leave a comment!!!

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Benevolent Postcard Society - so excited!

So I am so excited to be a part of the Benevolent Postcard Society.. This is such a fun idea it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy- just like when I was a kid and wrote to my Pen Pal. I send out my first postcard tomorrow!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Avila Valley Barn- Central Coast

One of my favorite stops when I visit the central coast is The Avila Valley Barn. They have the best of what the central coast of California has to offer (I think). They have berry and fruit picking, fresh baked goods, home made jams, fresh fruits and veggies, home goods, an ice cream shop, farm animals, with free food for the kids to feed to them, and seasonally-pumpkins and fresh made grilled corn on the cob. Every time we visit we have to take a trip to the barn. I buy a couple (yes at least two) of their home made pumpkin bread loaves, one to eat while we are there and one to take home because it is the best I have ever tasted!!! We always feed the animals which is a highlight for the kids, and stop for an ice cream at the little ice cream and sweet shop. Can you tell I love this place!!

Avila has grown from a little roadside fruit stand into a fantastic property experience and destination. Their "... vision was to present an authentic farming experience with a farm stand offering fresh, home-grown fruits and vegetables. Over time, as our popularity increased, we added a second barn to display fresh produce, gourmet foods, and gift items."

I highly recommend that you stop by if you are in the area and give yourself a little time to enjoy all that they have to offer! We will be there to see their pumpkins again this year! And don't forget to try the fresh raspberry jam too!

Photos from Avila Valley Barn and me

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Woolly Owl

Sorry this is just too cute not to post and it goes with my mood HAPPY!!

Check out these little guys and more on Etsy at Wool Crazy!

Photos from Wool Crazy

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Blog hopping...

You know what I really love about this whole blog thing. Everyday (and I mean everyday I sit at my computer for hours) I find something new to inspire me and make me smile. Here is a little bit of where my blog hopping took me this week. Pretty amazing sometimes I cannot figure out where I found something- maybe I am clicking too much!!!

This beautiful still life piece just - ohh - I could just stare at it.... I first saw it this week on one of my new favorite blogs Automatism she has the best photos!! (Maybe that is what I like about blogs almost everything comes with pictures- I am terribly visual!) But then when I was looking at another blog my mama's table (which I found through Sunday Suppers) I saw it again and followed that link to the photographer's site (Umm hello!!!) Roland Bello- I think I am in love!! By the way see how easy it is to become click crazy!!! Anyway here are some of my favorite photos from this weeks click happiness...

The two bowl photos are from Gleena- and I have to say I am in love with all of their stuff- just amazing hand made ceramic pieces- makes me wish that I could fly out to Brooklyn to visit them at the Brooklyn Flea- which seems like it would be right up my alley!!

Photos from Roland Bello Photography and my mama's table blog.

Here's to more inspiring blog clicking this weekend I am sure!!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lunch to go.. with Martha

So I know that lunch is one of those meals I rush through but Martha has some great ideas... check em out here. Yummy and look at that sweet reusable container!

photo from Martha

Dolan Geiman Bird art..

I have seen his work on The Scoop and a few other blogs and I just love it!! Dolan is an artist based out of Chicago and is heavy on the green (super eco conscious). His pieces are fun, creative and interesting!

Dolan Geiman's views on green: "I was taught at an early age that everything around me could have multiple purposes. These tenets provided a solid foundation on which to build a career as a found object and mixed media artist, satisfying a deep-rooted appreciation for turning the discarded and ordinary into the extraordinary."

This is an idea that I hope we can all pass on to the next generation, so many things in our lives can have multiple uses and can be saved from a sad ending in the landfill. Visit his website here to find out about his other green practices and to view additional art pieces.

Song bird Construction, rescued wood circular

So as usual I am partial to the birds.. You can find more of Dolan's work at his Esty shop.


All images from Dolan Geiman.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Treasure at Home: Vintage Jewelry Love

We visited my in-laws this past weekend for a little fun in the sun (except it rained).. Oh well it gave me time to chat and relax a bit.
My Mom- in -law was so sweet- we were talking jewelry and she brought out all of these fabulous vintage jewelry pieces.... I was in love!! She was nice enough to share some with me...

These are my new treasures- what a great way to reuse and vintage jewelry is so popular right now I will fit right in... So dig into those jewelry boxes and see what you have got or ask your mom what she has! If this doesn't work check out ebay and etsy and see what is out there.

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Just in! New tables added to My Sparrow..

Just in some fantastic new tables on My Sparrow!! We just added these plus a few more come and see us to find out what else is new!!

(My New favorite!!!!)

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Design Around Denver- Thank you!

Thank you so much to Kelly at Design Around Denver for noting My Sparrow as the website of the moment on her blog!

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Monday, August 24, 2009

The Vivo Tiffin and No waste lunches

So this is a flash back to my very first blog post... but I am in back to school mode here! The no waste lunch it such a great way to start off the fall and the new school year. Tiffin boxes are compartmentalized stacking lunch boxes that are great for the kids and adults! I love love these for picnics when we are in the wine country and on the run. Not only are they fun and easy to use they are good for the earth too. Saving all of those non recyclable little plastic baggies, paper bags and individual packaging. Space for your fruit, your salad and your sandwich if you please...

They are available in various colors, shapes and sizes- so check them out here! My Sparrow - stylish responsibility

Friday, August 21, 2009

Palecek eco friendly furnishings..

Palecek has been one of my favorite furniture manufactures for years. I have used their pieces in so many design projects that it is hard to count. With amazing craftsmanship and quality they bring us designs that stand the test of time. Palecek has been an Eco friendly manufacturer since the beginning (before it was cool)! I am proud to carry their woven and rattan pieces along with their great accessories! Here are a few of my favorite things!!

Square back parlor chair (love it for the covered porch!)

Sweater Weave Lounge chair

Campaign Dining Chair (have these in my dining room- love them!)

Cross back dining chair (reminds me of french farm houses)

Campaign Lounge Chair...

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Thank you, Thank you..

Thanks so much to Julia at Hooked on Houses for the mention yesterday!!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Entertaining your way.. tell me all about it!!

What kind of entertaining do you do?  I am looking for some fun ideas for entertaining this fall.  I love to host unique gatherings and create new traditions.  So I am wondering what do you do for fun?  

Last year we started a block wide pumpkin carving party for the kids and adults alike.  Here in California it is a little different from the beautiful fall parties I see in the magazines but we try and we have fun!  

Here are some of my ideas...  

1. Pumpkin Carving party
2. Harvest party (pre thanks giving dinner for friends who I don't see as much around the holidays)
3. Boat Parade holiday open house (we usually visit a friend who lives down by the beach and celebrate Christmas with some of my closest friends and watch the boat parade in Newport Beach)

So I am curious what you do beyond the traditional Thanks Giving dinner and Christmas eve and Christmas day activities (sorry for mentioning the C word in August!!)  Please post some fun ideas in the comments section that we can all try!

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Tin Garden accessories for fall on My Sparrow

Hello.. we are getting ready for cooler temps and back to school. We just added some fun little garden accessories for you to enjoy! These are tin garden stakes and I promise you cannot kill them with lack of water...

A perfect accent to your garden or gathered in a vase....

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the things she loves with...: planting a SEED

I have just found a great post about SEED People's Market from Heather at The Things She Loves with... Oliver Hart. Heather works at SEED and is the sweetest person you will ever meet!

She has posted all kinds of great photos and tells all about the vendors within. Check it out!

the things she loves with...: planting a SEED

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Thank you!!

Thank you very much to Backroads and Barstools for a little mention this morning in her "take your cheese to work day blog!!

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