Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thank you!!

Thank you very much to Backroads and Barstools for a little mention this morning in her "take your cheese to work day blog!!

My Sparrow - stylish responsibility


  1. Are you kidding? It was my pleasure! Everyone should know how fab your store is!

    I received my My Sparrow-ordered, set of 6, Hand blown glass champagne flutes today. Oh my stars, they are even more charming in-hand than they appear in the photo on your website. So delicate, whimsical, and fun--EXACTLY what I wanted (and have been searching for for years).

    Thanks for "bringing" your lovely shop to us ... I'll most definitely be returning again and again!


  2. Thank you so much!! (smile and sigh)- People like you make me feel like it is all worth it!


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