Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Green for the garden..

Green inspiration at Starbucks... Can you believe it.. After dropping the kids at summer camp I ran into the local Starbucks for some juice and a piece of their super yummy lemon bread (not the best breakfast- but what can you do) and I noticed on my way out that they had a bucket of Grounds for your Garden- I was so excited! This is the first time I have actually seen them in the store. I read about the concept about a year ago and drove around and around looking for a local store that participated... Not too many around my area - so I went to the local Coffee Bean and Tea leaf and just asked if I could have some grounds for my garden- what do you know they gave me a giant trash bag full!!! I have been back several times (getting weird looks every time!) So today this bag of garden gold inspired me to spend a little time outside in the garden before it heated up.

If you have not heard of the program and the concept- it is simple. Used coffee grounds are great for your soil, plants and attract big juicy worms to your garden. When you pick them up at your favorite coffee shop or use them from your morning cup they will be kept out of the local landfill and help to renew and fertilize your garden naturally.

Check out what Starbucks says about it here.

Personally I mix them in with my soil not applying them directly to any one plant. They make the garden smell really great for about a week. What ever I don't use in my garden I put into my worm composter- they love it! So don't be shy ask your local coffee house for a bag and give it a try for yourself! Oh and don't forget to bring your reusable coffee mug- that's good for the Earth too!

My Sparrow -stylish responsibility


  1. I am so glad to read that your are taking advantage of Starbucks grounds. It's such a great perk (wee pun!) for those of us who love to garden. I use to work for SBX & was always encouraging others to partake or hauling them home for myself. All stores should participate & if they don't ask. It's company policy for them to. Great job!

  2. That is good to know. I went to 3 different ones here in OC and they looked at me like I was a little nuts! I will ask again if I don't see them next time!

    Thx- Christina

  3. Christina,
    Leave it to someone who is so stylish & responsible to inform the blogsphere about this concept. My father-in-law who is a fabulous gardener in Arizona also spreads his ashes from the fire pit on his roses. It works wonders!
    Hey I was just twittering with you. Request to follow so we can keep in touch!


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