Thursday, August 13, 2009

New York City Paparazzi Style..

A little while back for our anniversary I planned a trip with the hubby and another couple to NY in the spring. As many of you probably know there is typically one person in a family behind the camera- in my family that is usually me. So on this trip I gave myself a little present, I bought a little publicity!

What I mean is I paid a photographer, MethodIzaz, to follow us around for a bit and take some unposed photos of my husband and myself. It was super fun- even more fun because my husband did not know. This is what Izaz does - I did not invent this myself just so you know.

I wanted something natural, unposed and to actually know that I was in New York. Izaz (who is a great photographer by the way) agreed to follow us in Central Park and then around Soho. I had never met him because I am on the West Coast, so we made all of the arrangements via email. I was very happy with everything. One thing I did notice about myself- I do not smile enough in regular life!! The photos have been a great addition to our home and captured a great trip at the same time!

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