Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vintage jewerly love!

There is way too much out there to fall in love with - we can at least try and keep it green....
Here are some of the super fun vintage pieces listed on Etsy right now!!
These are from Chez Vous...



I like it - I do!

I just found these bags on Etsy!! Eight Seasons makes them by hand... what a great group of bags! Each piece is made from leather and the fabric interiors are super cute! The prices are amazing... check them out!

Monday, June 22, 2009

New goodies on My Sparrow...

Just a few of the new things that we have added to our site... Just for you!

New necklaces in our Jewelry section

New Pillows

Come and see if there is something here for you.

My Sparrow - stylish responsibility


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Miss Josephine Hello!

Why hello Miss Josephine!  We want to give you a peek at our latest addition!!  We have just made this great little chair available to you on our site.  She is simple and sweet and great in pairs.  Perfect to fill that little corner in a bedroom or living area.  Check her out for yourself on line today!  My Sparrow - stylish responsibility

Take a break outside or in!

This is one of my favorite pieces! It is just the perfect size for next to your favorite chair... The Margot garden stool (I use it as a little table- but it makes a great little extra seat) is perfect to hold your reading materials and a cup of coffee or tea. Give it a try- we have 2 sizes in each color.
Another beautiful thing about it is that you can have it inside or out! It stands up to the weather and is still gorgeous!
My Sparrow - stylish responsibility

Let the fresh air in!!

Don't you just love the first little touch of summer- not too hot not too cool. Just perfect. I love to be able to open up the windows and doors and just let the house breath a little. Give it a try- no air conditioning just yet the weather is great outside! Prop open the door and see how you feel.
My Sparrow - stylish responsibility

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Family dinner

How great is your family... well I know for some that is a bit hard to answer- but they are still family.  Take the time this summer to enjoy them and all of their quirks!  A great way to share your larger family with your immediate family is to have family dinners.  Start a tradition that your kids can carry on.  Gather around the table this summer.  With low stress, warm evenings and a laid back summer style bring your family together!

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Let's make it personal

Go ahead make it personal..  That is the point of our newest line of pillows!  They are made of sustainable linen like burlap.  Fantastic accents for indoors or out.  We can make them just for you.  Check them out in our Pillows and Fabric section.  (we also have fabric by the yard now...)

My Sparrow - stylish responsibility


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Love Letters

I have found in the past few weeks that people (me included) cannot get enough of Letters- vintage or new these are a hot item!! They are personal and fun to put throughout your home or office. Easily finding a place on a shelf, wall, dresser or desk. The possibilities are endless!! The Vintage printing block letters are my favorite! On my recent trip to Paris - I found a shop that carries them in bins and you can mix and match! I bought enough to spell out my son's name in his room.

Another fun option are the metal block letters!! Love these too...These are from Anthropologie- of course.

We also carry some similar on our site.. Come by and see.

Fun little shop in Paris that used the printers block letters for their sign....

My Sparrow - stylish responsibility

Monday, June 8, 2009

Thank you for coming to see us in Irvine!

Just wanted to say Thank you for coming out to see us in Irvine! We had a great day! Wishing you the best! Don't forget to check out the site for the new summer additions and we will be adding some great new home accessories soon!

Thanks Again!

My Sparrow - Stylish Responsibility


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Come See us in Irvine!

We will be in Irvine again this Sunday for the Irvine Valley flea market! Hope to see you there!

My Sparrow - stylish responsibility

Another bird photograph to love

This is another beautiful piece that I am in love with from Gary Heller!! Check it out on Etsy here. Maybe it is just me but I love the birds!!

My Sparrow - stylish responsibility

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beautiful bird art

OMG!! I love this piece! It is available on Etsy and is so stunning. I didn't know about this site until I saw this amazing piece of art on another blog (sorry I cannot remember which one). This piece is from Gary Heller and I have fallen in love with it- need one and I think it is a steal!
Check it out on Etsy here... it is called Magpie Shrike Silhouette.
My Sparrow - stylish responsibility

Monday, June 1, 2009

Thanks for a great day!

We had a great time seeing everyone yesterday at Long Beach! We hope you found treasures for yourselves... we found a few too! Here is a little picture of our space- just to remind you if you saw an item and wanted to ask us about it. Hope to see you next time if you were not able to make it!

My Sparrow -stylish responsibility