Sunday, August 30, 2009

Avila Valley Barn- Central Coast

One of my favorite stops when I visit the central coast is The Avila Valley Barn. They have the best of what the central coast of California has to offer (I think). They have berry and fruit picking, fresh baked goods, home made jams, fresh fruits and veggies, home goods, an ice cream shop, farm animals, with free food for the kids to feed to them, and seasonally-pumpkins and fresh made grilled corn on the cob. Every time we visit we have to take a trip to the barn. I buy a couple (yes at least two) of their home made pumpkin bread loaves, one to eat while we are there and one to take home because it is the best I have ever tasted!!! We always feed the animals which is a highlight for the kids, and stop for an ice cream at the little ice cream and sweet shop. Can you tell I love this place!!

Avila has grown from a little roadside fruit stand into a fantastic property experience and destination. Their "... vision was to present an authentic farming experience with a farm stand offering fresh, home-grown fruits and vegetables. Over time, as our popularity increased, we added a second barn to display fresh produce, gourmet foods, and gift items."

I highly recommend that you stop by if you are in the area and give yourself a little time to enjoy all that they have to offer! We will be there to see their pumpkins again this year! And don't forget to try the fresh raspberry jam too!

Photos from Avila Valley Barn and me

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