Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Entertaining your way.. tell me all about it!!

What kind of entertaining do you do?  I am looking for some fun ideas for entertaining this fall.  I love to host unique gatherings and create new traditions.  So I am wondering what do you do for fun?  

Last year we started a block wide pumpkin carving party for the kids and adults alike.  Here in California it is a little different from the beautiful fall parties I see in the magazines but we try and we have fun!  

Here are some of my ideas...  

1. Pumpkin Carving party
2. Harvest party (pre thanks giving dinner for friends who I don't see as much around the holidays)
3. Boat Parade holiday open house (we usually visit a friend who lives down by the beach and celebrate Christmas with some of my closest friends and watch the boat parade in Newport Beach)

So I am curious what you do beyond the traditional Thanks Giving dinner and Christmas eve and Christmas day activities (sorry for mentioning the C word in August!!)  Please post some fun ideas in the comments section that we can all try!

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