Friday, August 7, 2009

Sunday Suppers love!

Okay maybe I am spending more time that I should at the computer, but oh my I have discovered an amazing point of inspiration. I always want to entertain in style.. it doesn't always work but I try. Well, I just discovered the best inspiration I have had in a long time - Sunday Suppers! You have to check it out! First of all the pictures are amazing, they have recipes, table design and make me feel like I want to entertain all of the time!

These photos are from a post on table design for a dinner with fresh food from the farmers market. This fits into stylish responsibility on so many levels. The Burlap tablecloths are so perfect, vintage silverware, local food, family and friends- just perfect!

I hope they inspire you too!

All photos from Sunday Suppers

My Sparrow - stylish responsibility

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  1. Just love it. I'm dying for some vintage (real) silverware myself. But it against the burlap takes it to a whole new level. Just lovely.


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