Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chair redone... an adventure in restyling a piece

 A few months ago (let's say it was 2 when really it must have been at least 5 or 6) I picked up a great set of vintage chairs at a garage sale for $40.00.  I was very excited to redo these little cuties, aside from the nasty comments my husband and mother made about them....  So let us say it has been interesting.  I purchased fabric super cheap in the wholesale district one day months later with the help of one of my favorite customers (thank you Liza!).  Sanded and painted the legs and bases on both pieces (my first adventure with black spray paint).  

A month or so later I took one of these little guys in to the upholsterer with some pretty detailed instructions and much to my surprise picked it up looking like a whole new chair.  What do you think?  I still need to get the other one done (maybe before the end of the year????) but I like the results so far...

Here they are side by side... before and after if you will...

We added the nail head trim, beefed up the seat cushion and the back and removed the attached back cushion. 

You realize of course that no one is allowed to sit in them but hey- they look cool!!


  1. Wonderful !
    I totally agree about not letting anyone sit in them :)

  2. Holy cow, what a transformation...the "new" chair is amazingly beautiful! Definitely move ahead on having the other one finished, too, since it turned out to be a show-stopper...instead of its previous incarnation as not worthy of serving as the cat's litterbox...

  3. Love it! I am such a fan of nailhead trim. May I ask approximately how much the labor cost to have the chair re-upholstered? I have a vintage chair that I love but I'm a bit afraid to take the project on for fear of cost.

  4. They look Fabulous.....no one should sit on them....smiles.


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