Monday, March 28, 2011

Displaying with Vintage bottles

I always want to buy up the Vintage bottles when I see them, glassware is one of 
my many weaknesses.  This is so simple and sweet!

I hope you are having a wonderful Monday!



  1. I want to start searching for some to put in the middle of my dining room table as a centerpiece.

  2. As a tabletop prop stylist I am always out collecting stuff. I'll have to post about my newest vintage bottles, one is really spectacular with a huge embossed monogram on it. It looks amazing with just one lily stem in it. Love this post, love old bottles, to be truthful, I just love everything old...this stuff has soul!

  3. New to your blog and I just love it!
    I too am crazy for vintage bottles and can't resist a one! I am your newest follower! Pop over and say Hi sometime.
    La Dolfina


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