Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This week and the next... oh and last week too..

I don't mean to seem crazy but sometimes (just sometimes) it happens.  I have been really busy as of late- in the best way possible!  I have a ton of things that I want to share with you and I just cannot seem to keep up!  I have been shopping, working and working oh and exploring.  But I promise that I will be sharing more and more as soon as I can find the time!  

Tomorrow I will be posting some new vintage finds to Etsy and sharing some garden things with you!  It is supposed to rain here in Southern Cal so maybe just maybe I can sit down and get somethings done with out that pull to go outside and see what the flowers are doing!

In the meantime.. here is a picture of a few of the vintage cameras that I picked up last weekend for Etsy and for my Bride client who will be using them on the tables at her wedding with black and white film!  I am keeping my fingers crossed that the pictures turn out as fun and fabulous as we hope they will!

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