Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sibella Court: your personal color pallette

Sibella Court is a wonderful stylist and a serious collector of things! 
I love her boho chic style and it is always so interesting to see what she will come up with next.

Sibella has a laundry list of talents and clients that use her many skills one being my favorite Anthropologie....  

Just browsing her website I found a great deal of information on fun ideas and this stuck out for me...

Colors you love and live with:
"creating your own 10-Colour-Palette is as easy as walking around your house and pinpointing things you already own and love. It might be a beautiful porcelain bowl, a postcard, a cocktail ring, an embroidered tablecloth inherited from your grandmother, or the print on your favourite dress. Consider everything; jewellery, clothes, food, garden, flora and fauna, photographs, anything made with fabric or paper, solid colours and patterns, silverware and ceramics, art, buttons, ribbons and trims.
Nature, in particular, should be a major source of inspiration as it reveals natural colour combinations and textures that rarely disappoint. I once did a photoshoot based entirely around the colours of a monarch butterfly: Damascus red, mustard and ochre oranges, and dirty cream. I pick up feather, leaves, flowers, rocks and tree branches. Now it’s your turn to observe nature in the same way.
Next, start looking beyond your immediate surroundings, especially at things that don’t have an interior design purpose, and make a note of what appeals to you. It could be the falling-off-label of an old bottle, a swizzle stick, a crusty street lamp, coins, a weathered shop sign, a discarded playing card, wooden toys, a faded wall of graffiti, silvery puddles on rainy days, crumbly slate from an old roof, a finely-etched tumbler, crunchy white linen, just poured cement, thick mothy felt, or a scene from a favourite movie or novel. Take photos, make notes, and start acquiring.
Soon it will become obvious that you are attracted to similar things over and over again and it’s time to start playing. Put together a selection of pieces you’ve collected and see what kind of colour palette reveals itself. Add and subtract until it takes on a visual order. There are no right or wrong combinations because it is your interior and it’s a matter of finding what makes you happy. Most of the time a harmonious paint palette is achieved, one that will become the basis for future decorating and shopping adventures. Remember, you will be able to use the colours in varying combinations. Some rooms will be quiet and subtle, utilising the softer, more neutral tones. Others will be louder, denser in colour, pattern and texture."

Great advice and it is something that we do to an extent with any design project.  It is the combination of things- textures, colors and the way that they interact that makes a space perfection.

I am looking forward to her latest book Nomad which you can preorder here.


images and text via the society inc.

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