Friday, May 8, 2009

Feel good gift idea!!! The Feed Bag and other goodies.

Okay love these!!! I have seen them mentioned here and there in the past but when I saw a girl with one at the flea market this weekend I decided to check it all out!

These are the FEED bags. There are a few different styles and they make great gifts! I have the FEED 100 bag which I bought at Whole Foods Market. I did not realize that there were more options! They carry the FEED 1 Bag, which I just ordered on Amazon ( and then there is the FEED 2 Bag which is available this month. There are also some really cute little bears... Check them out and support their cause -Help FEED the children of the world at These are a great way to show mom that she raised you well or just to show a friend how much you care about them and hungry children across the globe. * All photos are from FEED Projects website*

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