Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Sparrow inspired by Paris

On my recent trip to Paris I was once again inspired by the city!  I love to walk in the city- it always is a little different to me- different enough to make me want to return again and again.  I love to see the parks, the shops, the small courtyards of the apartment buildings, the boulangeries, and the markets- the markets make me want to move from sunny California to this enchanting place.  It is here that I see how we all should be living with fresh food on the table everyday or taking in the sun along the Seine, having long dinners with friends, great food and great wine.  I always return with a need to create and feeling overwhelmingly inspired to live a better- simpler life.  It is this inspiration that brought me to create My Sparrow- a place where we can bring the old and the new together and remember to enjoy each other and our lives as they are meant to be enjoyed!

Some of my favorite stops are:
Any boulangerie 
Blanc D'voire

My Sparrow-stylish responsibility

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