Monday, November 30, 2009

Deborah from Dumbwit Tellher - Gifted Inspiration

We are so lucky to be surrounded by family and friends this holiday season. I hope you are enjoying the start of the Christmas season! A woman after my own heart Deb from Dumbwit Tellher really sums it up in her answers! Please enjoy!

Where do you find inspiration? Sounds typical but it's true when I say, everywhere that draws the eye. I am the girl who notices if you moved your sofa or if you shaved off that mustache. I have always been very visual. I am not as much a nature girl (I have never been camping, how sad right?) as I am one to be thrilled with architecture. Don't get me wrong, I so appreciate the beauty of nature, but it's truly a thrill to set eyes on the great design of a structure; with it's rigid materials of steel, glass, and concrete that are transformed into something that is breathtaking. I love to touch surfaces, paying close attention to materials, textures, trims, utilized on interior finishes. That to me is the equivalent to what 'shoe shopping' may be to many. That combined with history, color, and the interior design, and I am in the zone.

What is your favorite or Dream vacation destination? My husband hails from Scotland and he will not be pleased to know that I will tell you Ireland. My father was the musical director for a high school in Washington State. In 1996 his SHS marching band was invited to perform in Dublin for the St. Patrick's Day Parade. My eldest daughter was a student in dad's band & I decided this was an experience of a lifetime & I volunteered as a chaperon.

There were so many reasons as to why Ireland captured my heart. The SHS band took first-place from over 1000+ entrants from around the world was a huge thrill. Having a trophy made of Irish crystal presented to my father by the Lord Mayor of Dublin, at the Lord Mayors Ball, was another. But as the trip unfolded it was all about the beauty; the beauty of it's kind people, the sea, and all the remarkable scenery. I have never seen green so vivid & have never seen faces that told such a story. It's Ireland's history, it's architecture, it's food, the beer, the hot-toddies and the incredible music. Talented musical artists on every corner of the city center. I was hooked on landing & I will never get enough. Have you ever tried keeping your feet still while listening to Celtic music? Enough said! Not to be considered as second best, Scotland is no doubt is #2.

An item that is on your wish list for your home or yourself. The list is so vast. If I could have 'one' thing it would be to have my 9 ft. 50's sofa that we purchased in a vintage shop in Seattle (only to drag this mega- heavy lovely with us on our move to Houston), custom rebuilt & upholstered with a sumptuous wool velvet. It's long clean lines and the fact you can seat the entire party on one couch, makes it a cherished family item. Oddly enough, we didn't realize until we moved it that it had a custom label on the underside and it was made in Houston. Karma!

Why did you start your blog? You'd think that would be a quick answer. Why I began and where I am now seems to have evolved. I started with one mission. It began through my frustration with my adoration of designer, high-end products. Whether it be for the home or fashion. With one or more kids in college at the same time since 1997 (without a break thus far), my 'appreciation' of haute design is, let's just say, 'cooled off'. It was my intent to bring to light to as many as possible that good taste does not always equate spending massive amounts of money. I wanted to stop the self-discrimination.

Now that 12 mos. of blogging has passed, I have found my niche, found the dearest people I would of never imagined, and have had the thrill of a life-time to connect and have conversations (although online) with people I have only dreamt about exchanging words with. Individuals whose talents constantly amaze me; professional and novices a like. How fabulous would it be to write full-time and make a living at it? But with or without an income, I have been truly blessed to be part of this world called 'blogging'.


  1. Thanks so much Christina, such fun to guest-blog and I appreciate being invited. Happy week to you x

  2. Oh I so want to visit Ireland. But it would take a lot of medication to get me that far on an airplane. Well done Deb and nice to find a new (to me) blog.

  3. Christina I'm so glad that you have invited Deb over for a visit. She is one of my favorite bloggers. I always love the stories that she shares.....real life stuff...and I get the whole visual thing. One more thing....I love your little muslin pillow with the white flower!


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