Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I little Inspiration

Everyday I find a little inspiration somewhere. Whether it is with my kids, a little button, a piece of art, a piece of paper, a photo, something in nature... Just about anything on any given day can inspire me. I hope your day is and or was inspirational! Remember there are so many wonderful things out there- take a minute to step away from the computer, turn off your phone and absorb what is inside and out all around you and I promise you will find something to make you smile! Not only that it might even inspire you to do something creative.. and exciting!

Ps. I am playing with this whole new larger photo thing... I will see how it goes.

My Sparrow - stylish responsibility

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  1. Very wise words for us all Christina. I am so guilty of needing to step away from the computer & enjoy all things that fuel my creativity. Even if it's a long walk with my dog. It truly is a constant struggle to keep up. I hope you enjoy those little things this weekend ~ deb


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