Thursday, February 25, 2010

Green design: Reusing Vintage chairs

I was so excited to see that other designers feel the same way that I do. Sometimes you just cannot beat reusing a piece, giving it a new life, and getting something a little bit more unique. While emailing with Doug at Tracery Interiors about a project that they had just completed, which has a wonderful guest suite in all greige, I noticed the chairs in the photos. In this particular home Doug used a few sets of chairs that were reupholstered and refinished in some cases, to create a very unique and inviting look. Please visit their blog for additional information.

all images via tracery interiors

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  1. They really did an amazing job with all of the chairs. I'm now on the hunt for some myself. Unfortunately, I don't know yet what the price should be for them, so I'm taking my time to educate myself.


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