Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gifted Inspiration and a big thank you!

Okay so I don't want to end the year with any unfinished business on my plate...

I NEED to say Thank you to the ladies who participated in my series on Gifted Inspiration! We need a good dose of inspiration everyday to keep us fresh and happy!! So a big thank you to Stefanie at Brooklyn Limestone, Jessica at The Wife of an Artist, Lisa at The Lisa Porter Collection and Deb at Dumbwit Tellher for taking the time to share with me and with you! And thank you for all of the wonderful inspiration- I am looking forward to the New Year with all of you!

On another note, the ladies over at Chic Coles were nice enough to give me The Fabulous Sugar Doll blogger award.

Many Thanks!

So now for the hard part... 10 things about me...

  1. I am in love with Paris
  2. I love things that are handmade and I love to make things for people.
  3. My Babies make me smile even when they are driving me crazy!
  4. I dream of writing a book someday.
  5. I have a stack of approximately 20 books that I bought this past year and did not get around to reading. (My husband asked me if I knew what the Library was)
  6. I love design- deeply, passionately and will forever!
  7. I think live plants are essential to any interior.
  8. I love to chat with my Mom on the phone everyday- sometimes more than once a day.
  9. I love Pottery Barn Organic sheets- they are the softest and just yummy to sleep on.
  10. I have big plans for an edible garden in the coming year.
So now I need to send this onto some other bloggers...

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Happy New Year!

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  1. Thank you so much for the blog award! I hope you had a fabulous holiday and new years! Love your 10 things too... I also buy waaay too many books and end up with a read-me "waiting list", lol...


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