Saturday, December 12, 2009

Villa By Saladino

So my love for design books is great. There are so many great reasons to buy them and they make wonderful gifts. As a gift to myself I ordered Villa (lovely). The book is huge, I mean really big! The pictures are amazing and the detail and information is fantastic. John Saladino is a gifted man. I suppose I fell in love with his work before I even knew who he was. The first pieces that I can remember are from an article in Veranda magazine with his purple slip covered chairs... I am searching for the pages and will post them as soon as I find them. But then I saw some of his work in one of my other favorite books, Monochrome home. So once I knew the man's name I could not help but search him out. He is inspirational! Villa takes you on the journey of his restoration and decoration on his home in Santa Barbara. Take some time to check this book out and add it to your wish list...

Images via Veranda

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