Monday, December 7, 2009

Lisa at The Lisa Porter Collection - Gifted Inspiration

Being that Lisa at The Lisa Porter Collection was one of my first blog friends.. I am so excited to share some of her gifted inspiration with you. She is the sweetest and super supportive. Please enjoy!

Where do you find inspiration? I am inspired by the people around me. At my age, it's all about faith, wisdom, happiness & doing what is right for myself, my family & my friends. It's about feeding my soul. I take special care to surround myself with people that are good for Lisa. What I mean by this is that I accept & appreciate what makes us all different, but I am most comfortable around and inspired by those who are true to themselves & make a difference in everyday life..

What is your favorite or Dream Vacation Destination?
I have many favorite destinations like San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, & New York City. My dream destination would be to take a drive along the Amalfi coast with the MR. & check in to Hotel Santa Caterina

Why did you start your blog
I started blogging quite by accident. It was a dark, cold November night & I was missing old friends out west. I was trying to remember the name of a small boutique in California. So I googled Santa Barbara Interiors & I ran smack dab into Velvet & Linen! It was all over after that. Through Brooke's blog I came across many other wonderful blogs like Absolutely Beautiful Things, Patricia Gray, and Cote de Texas. They are responsible for leading me down the long & winding path to Blog Land! I got so hooked & soon realized that I had found a place where I could organize & share all the "stuff" that had been floating around in my head, in my files, and on my bedside table.

In Blog Land I could, in one afternoon, talk to a hundred women around the world who completely understood my obsession over boxwoods and crown molding! I had come home!

That was about a year ago and here I am, still finding new paths & new ideas & wonderful people, like Christina & My Sparrow!

An item that is on your wish list for your home or yourself.

A VW Bus for driving up & down & up & down the California coast to visit those friends that I miss.

And still waiting for that giant white porcelain farmhouse sink....

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  1. Christina,
    Thank you so much for your kind words! I was just checking facebook because my daughter saw the post and told me. Nice to have a teen looking out for the old mom once in a while!
    Again thank you so much for including me. It has been great getting to know the other bloggers too!
    Have a good evening.


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