Saturday, December 5, 2009


I have been a little slow to say Thank you to Lisa at The Lisa Porter Collection.. Sorry so rude of me!! Lisa was sweet enough to think of me and for that I cannot say thank you enough! She has an amazing blog with the most thoughtful posts and was one of my first blog friends...

So I am suppose to tell you a few things about me that you don't know...

Here it goes.

  1. Without my wonderful husband I would be no where in this world. He makes me such a better person!
  2. I love glass ware and dishes more than any person should.
  3. I am a romantic at heart- shouldn't life read like a good novel?
  4. I love picnics-(must have all of the gear and a good bottle of wine).
  5. I dream of being able to live in Paris and New York someday.
  6. Born and raised in So. California. I have never lived anywhere else.
  7. I love Hydrangeas more than humanly possible.
  8. I have always dreamed of being a writer.
  9. I love to read a good book- I will read a book cover to cover in one sitting if I have the chance.
  10. I don't like to cook- I really just like to clean up.
Now to bestow this award on some others that I admire (and would like to know more about)

Lori at automatism

The girls at Wiley Valentine

Jess at The Wife of an Artist

Thank you again!! I truly appreciate all of the support!!


  1. Thanks Christina! Time to think about my interesting facts...

  2. Christina,
    You are so welcome you busy girl! We cannot get enough of you, and My Sparrow! Two California classics for sure! I remember the exact freezing cold Ky evening when I discovered My Sparrow. The vision of all those beautiful things, the feel & sound of it all instantly transported me to the warm beaches of Socal. I didn't want to leave. Keep up the good work & have a wonderful Sunday!
    xo Lisa


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