Sunday, December 27, 2009

Going a little more green this new year...

I am getting excited about the New Year.. I really want it to be better than the last! So I am making plans. I am going to get my garden together this year- I want to grow the fruits, veggies and herbs that my family wants to eat (and try not to share them with the bunnies). I want to make some kind of progress on our house- we have lived here just over a year and a half and have been in a holding pattern since just after moving in. I want to work on making sure that when something needs replacing we are doing it green- buying or making the most earth friendly items and choices for ourselves. Reading- I always try to top my book quantity from the previous year- although I am never quite positive how many books I read. This is my list so far. They are not really new years resolutions but are more goals to make my days more interesting and effective! How about you any ideas??

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