Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Art of The Handwritten Note...

Doesn't everyone like to receive a handwritten note once in a while. I can remember when I was a kid I had several pen pals and I was always so excited to receive and send letters. Pages and pages of 5th grade girlie nonsense. It was always a great time. So I wonder what happened to writing letters by hand? Has it all been replaced by email, fax, texting and phone messages. Be honest when was the last time that you wrote a letter or thank you note by hand? Sometimes it is really hard to sit down and just write a little heart felt message by hand. There are so many beautiful stationary items out now, as I am sure you know by now letter press is one of my favorites, it should be easy and just think how the person on the receiving end will feel when they see how much you care about them.

I was inspired recently by a really fun idea The Benevolent Postcard Society. This is a great group of people from across the globe who have committed to sending a postcard each month to a perfect stranger wishing them well over the course of a year. Once the year is over the cards will be collected and photographed for a book. I am so excited to participate! Just like the 5th grade girl in me, I still love to receive mail! Did I mention that when I go on vacation I send postcards to myself at home with a little note about what we have been doing?? This way I have a date, a photo, a pretty stamp and a unique cancellation to remember my trip with.

So it is my hope that everyone will take a little time out and write a nice little note on some really nice stationary to someone that they care about. A great source for inspiration is the little book "The Art of the Handwritten Note".

images from The Benevolent Postcard Society blog and My Sparrow

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful project. I went to their website and unfortunately they are closed to new members. Hopefully you'll let us know if that changes!


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