Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rutiz farm stand, raspberries and engraved pumpkins..

One of my new favorites in the Central coast is Rutiz Family Farms! This is an amazing little stand on the side of The Pike in Arroyo Grande. They have fresh fruits and vegetables grown pesticide free for sale, they also offer harvest boxes, U-pick raspberries and strawberries. U-pick is my favorite activity when we visit... fresh berries that you choose yourself to make the best salads, jams and spreads. Yumm! Rutiz farms also offers a fun treat for the family, you can go out into the pumpkin patch and engrave on your own pumpkin! You engrave on the pumpkin while it is still on the vine and give it time to "heal" then come back and take it home. So cool.

We had the opportunity to talk with Carol from Rutiz and Old Willow farm who makes oodles of hand engraved pumpkins each year that she sells at the Remnants of the Past Show. She was super sweet and nice enough to let us take a bunch of pictures. So like I said if you are in the area you should definitely stop by the farm and the show to enjoy the bounty of goodies that they have! Don't forget to stop by the Remnants of the Past show this coming Saturday!

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    How kind of you to promote us so nicely. Look forward to seeing you again at the farm!


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