Saturday, October 24, 2009

Setting the table.. a short series of posts.. Obsess much

So I am a little obsessed with Ceramics and dishes in general. They make me weak in the knees! I love the shapes of handmade pieces more than anything! So this morning I woke up early (cat meowing in my ear) and started thinking about dishes- I know weird huh! Well I had been thinking, you see my daughter who is in Kindergarten made this little pumpkin by hand, and why could I not do the same, I mean with dishes. So I am thinking of taking a ceramics class to see if I like it. I would love to hear if anyone has taken one and what they think of it??

Here are a few of my absolute favorite ceramics to dream about...

Astier de Villate

Rae Dunn

Mud (see my post on them here)


Images from Astier de Villate, Rae Dunn on Etsy, Gleena blog and Mud ceramics

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  1. you love simplicity. very beautiful pottery.
    best to you in learning to make dishes. I have never thrown pottery - all my pieces are done by hand. your blog is pretty-


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