Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gap 0% Plastic reusable bag..

So have you jumped on the reusable shopping bag wagon yet? Well, it was one of the first changes that I made when going "green" and I realized this weekend how important it was. I have been in the Central Coast this weekend and shopping quite a lot (he he) for food and otherwise and I did not bring a single reusable bag with me- so so sad. The number of plastic bags that are handed out is enough to make me sick!! So let me get to the point here... While shopping at GAP on the way up I noticed something, they offer 10% off your entire purchase when you bring in their reusable shopping tote. It is a super bargain and pretty cute for 2.00 you can save a bunch if you like the GAP. I am so excited to see them encouraging people to use their reusable bags while shopping retail.
This bag is for everyone and I would encourage you to buy one today or take any bag in with you when buying at all stores for food, clothes, shoes - anywhere!!


  1. Thank you for pointing this great offer from the Gap out. What a fabulous looking tote & an even better offer. Good for our planet & good for our wallets. Many thanks!

  2. Thats a fantastic idea from the Gap. Thanks for the heads up on that. I have started bringing in my own cloth bags to the supermarket to shop for groceries and its nice not to have to look at a bunch of plastic bags and wonder where they will wind up. . .


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