Friday, September 4, 2009

SEED People's Market update...

Here is a much needed update on SEED People's Market.  I was just in today and wanted to share a bit of it with you... (because I finally remembered my camera.)  They have opened up the entire space and  have so many wonderful things!  You have to go down and check it out!!!  The store is full of the most amazing things..  succulents, handmade cards, garden and cleaning equipment,  clothing, aprons, furniture, accessories, books, picnic gear,  handmade jewelry, art , shoes and bikes.   Go by and visit today for the full experience.  They are located at The CAMP at 2937 Bristol in Costa Mesa.                                                                                                                                                                           

My Sparrow - stylish responsibility


  1. Oh wow! This store is divine. I'll definitely add it to my list of must visits next time I head down to Orange County to visit my brother.

  2. This is a great store! i love the all natural look and it is very easy to look at..thanks for sharing with us!


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